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Looking for the best boat loan finance deals online to buy your dream boat? TYG Finance has access to a wide list of leading and top-rated marine finance partners and lenders in Australia. We compare the best boat loan rates and options for you and lock-in the top loan deals for your next leisure craft. Discover how the professional, top-rated team at TYG Finance can help you with marine finance loans today.

Whether your next pleasure craft adventure is boating through Darling Harbour to The Whitsundays  or to explore Australia’s favourite waterways, TYG Finance – offers the best  boat loans Australia-wide. TYG Finance can help you achieve your fishing, diving, cruising and sunbaking boating dreams with the best boat financing deals online for your new yacht, catamaran, speedboat, jet ski, dingy and any leisure craft in-between.

TYG Finance is one of Australia’s favourite marine finance specialists for easy boat finance and marine loans online. Discover the best online boat loans and best boat financing today to get you out on the water and into your dream marine machine. We offer a quick and easy application process, with  “zero financials”(we need fins on boats) needed to get the best boat financing rate online from lenders all around Australia at the click of a button. Call us on 1300 885 806 to set sail sooner and speak with our friendly and experienced marine finance team for an obligation-free quote.

How long is a typical boat loan?

A typical marine finance loan term can range from 12 months to 7+ years, depending on the lender. The duration or terms of the loan are dependent on the loan amount, your financial circumstances, and the lender. To access the best Aussie boat loan rates from Australia’s leading marine finance lenders, speak with your TYG Boat Finance Specialist today or contact us online now.

How do boat loans work?

Buying a boat loan is basically no different from a car loan. There are just as many choices available, including low-interest secured loans, short-term loans, long-term asset mortgages as well as flexible financing options such as leasing, hire-purchase and asset refinancing.  TYG Finance specialises in “zero financials” marine finance loans – making owning your dream boat easy without affecting your credit file.

If you’re a new boat or marine loan applicant, the application process may seem daunting to you. You won’t have to worry with the complicated financial process as TYG Finance has you covered every step of the way.

Is it easy to get a boat loan?

With our years of experience and a wide network of finance partners, TYG Finance and our experienced team make it easy for you to find the best flexible loan options to suit your circumstances. Call us today on 1300 885 806 to speak with our friendly and experienced marine finance team.

How to get a boat loan with bad credit/ I have bad credit  – can I get a boat loan?

Yes – TYG Finance has helped thousands of everyday Australians with motorboat finance. Regardless of your previous financial circumstances, we ensure you get the best online boat loans available to you – with zero credit checks (we have to do credit checks) and the minimum documentation needed for approval for many of our valued clients.

What credit score do I need for a boat loan?

Credit requirements can vary with each lender. With TYG Finance, our large panel of boutique and major lenders can offer tailored, personalised rates and terms on the perfect Aussie boat loan for you. As we specialise in low-documentation and “zero financials” lending options, your credit score may not be as relevant as you think for you to buy your dream boat today.

How much can I borrow for a boat loan?

TYG Finance can source marine finance loans from $50000 up to $2,000,000.

How do I apply for a boat loan?

TYG Finance makes it easy to get started, complete our Online Loan Application form or call us today on 1300 885 806 to speak with our friendly and experienced marine finance team.

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