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BMW M135i Finance from TYG

TYG Finance is made up of a team of specialists who can help you find and fund your next car with excellent finance packages offered from a range of lenders. Buying a vehicle can often mean a big initial financial outlay, something not everyone can afford upfront. It may be that any savings you have are put firmly aside to go towards your first home deposit but if having a car is essential for getting to and from work, monthly finance can be an ideal alternative to buying your vehicle outright. As well as organising your finance package, the TYG team can also help you find your dream car. You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find the best examples on the market that meet your criteria. If you’re looking for a performance-focused hot hatch, why not consider the BMW M135i?

What does the BMW M135i have to offer?

Offering an eight-speed automatic gearbox with manual paddles, you can enjoy an easy commute or take control of the gears on a weekend drive out. Reported to be an exhilarating ride with a powerful engine and flexibility offered through several different drive modes. Inside, you’ll find it’s not short of the tech features to make life easier. Grippy sports seats offer a range of adjustments and comprehensive lumbar support while the central digital display houses BMW’s market leading infotainment system, allowing you to operate by voice activation, physical dials, the touch screen and even gesture control which is available as an optional extra. You can also opt for the Park Assist package if you’re buying the M135i from new, which includes a self parking feature ideal for tight spaces in city or supermarket car parks. Sat-nav, Bluetooth and a smooth sounding DAB radio all come as standard. As for passenger space, again the M135i performs highly. Boot space is roomy, with an option to split the back seats 40/20/40 rather than the regular 60/40 meaning you’ll have more flexibility if transporting large goods with passengers still in tow. There are also lots of compartments to store your belongings so you won’t struggle to find a home for your wallet, keys and morning coffee on the drive to work.

Why choose TYG Finance to purchase my next car?

Securing the best finance deals for our customers is what we do. As well as our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we’re passionate about providing the best levels of service and supporting you to get the deal you want. We’re there for you through every step of the process, helping you with the application process and working with finance providers to approve your finance package. As well as car finance, we also support businesses to grow by providing fleet vehicle and equipment finance to companies across Australia. If you want to know more, you can contact us today and speak to a member of the TYG team who’ll be happy to assist.