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Experience the BMW M2 with Help from TYG Finance

We understand that buying your next car can bring lots of excitement but it can be overwhelming if you’re short of time or don’t know what finance options you have. At TYG Finance, our team has a wealth of industry experience that allows us to help you find the best possible finance deals to fund your new vehicle. As well as helping you to secure a car loan from one of our trusted finance partners, we go one step further and can help you find the perfect car to suit your lifestyle. You tell us what’s on your wishlist and we’ll do the legwork to find a make and model that best ticks your boxes. If you’re a fan of style, substance and some serious speed, the BMW M2 will definitely be a contender to add to your shortlist.

Why should I consider the BMW M2?

If driving is a passion for you and not simply just a way of getting from A to B, the sporting prowess of the BMW M2 will not disappoint in the thrill stakes. Offering acceleration that it’d be fair to liken to taking off in a jet plane and not just one but two different sport modes, the M2 isn’t for the faint-hearted.  What it offers in performance, it matches on comfort with firm but the forgiving suspension on bumpy terrain and seats that keep you in place as you navigate tighter bends. The infotainment system offers all the mod cons you’d want in a car including sat-nav, Bluetooth and climate control that can be navigated through the touch screen or dial located between the front seats for convenience. High-performance sports cars aren’t necessarily known for their practicality, but the BMW M2 is an exception. The boot offers plenty of room and the two rear seats are comfortable for two adults to travel. If you have heart set on one of these exceptional cars, find out why you should choose TYG to secure your finance package.

Competitive rates and excellent customer service from TYG Finance

With a highly skilled and knowledgeable team, TYG is the ideal provider to secure your BMW M2 finance. We work with a range of lenders which makes us well-positioned to find the best deal when arranging your car loan. We can also save you time by shopping around to find the model best suited to your preferences. When it comes to completing your application, we’ll be on hand to offer support at each stage of the process, ensuring your experience is as straightforward as possible. At TYG Finance, we also help Australian businesses by sourcing finance for fleet vehicles and work equipment as well as cars for personal use. You can find out more when you contact us today, either by phone or by using our online contact form and a member of the TYG team will be happy to help.