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BMW M340i

Time for a New Car? Consider the BMW M340i with TYG Finance

If you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle and you’re unsure what to go for, don’t overlook the sleek yet solid BMW M340i. Purchasing a new car has never been more accessible with competitive car loans to get you on the road. We’ve partnered with a handpicked selection of financial lenders to simplify your purchase journey and get you driving your next vehicle as quickly as possible. The TYG Finance team is highly experienced in securing great finance deals for your new car so if you’re researching finance for the BMW M340i, contact us to find out how a member of the team can help today.

A Closer Look at the BMW M340i

This feature packed saloon has plenty to offer and loyal BMW 3 Series fans will not be disappointed with the latest model. The only six-cylinder 3 Series model produced by BMW, its highly refined mechanics make for an engaging and responsive drive with no shortage of power either in short sharp bursts or when cruising on longer journeys. This impressive drive performance is matched with a luxury feel interior, considered superior to that of its market rivals from Audi and Mercedes. The infotainment system is considered one of the safest of all manufacturers due to its ‘head up’ driver assistance pack offering a range of information all within your natural line of vision. In addition to this, its firm and supportive seats feel substantial and sturdy. You’ll find mod-cons including heated front seats, a built in navigation system, an intelligent voice assistant and a host of safety features such as crash sensor activating airbags and side impact protection. Available in either saloon or touring body styles, you’ll also benefit from its all wheel drive feature, making it an ideal car for all seasons and a range of road surfaces.

Why Choose TYG Finance as Your Preferred Car Loan Provider

Shopping around for your next vehicle can be time consuming. At TYG Finance, we don’t just specialise in sourcing the best finance deal for your new car. We’ll even search for the ideal make and model to suit your preferences based on the brief you give us. Whether you’re looking for a car to accommodate your growing family or you want to add a touch of luxury and performance to make your daily commute more enjoyable, our expert team will search the market and draw up a shortlist of the best options to match your wants and needs. We’ll also help you to organise comprehensive car insurance so your new vehicle will be fully covered. TYG Finance really is your one stop shop, assisting with all aspects of purchasing your new car in one hassle free, customer focused experience. To get in touch with a member of the team and ask any questions you might have, you can give us a call on 1300 885 806 or use our online contact form to submit your enquiry today.