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Ford Mustang V8

Fast reliable fleets are the foundation of great service for businesses that incorporate a lot of travel, making Ford Mustang V8 financing an important part of an ongoing strategic plan. The cost of financing can be a barrier to fleet expansion, but with the right finance company, the total cost is minimal. For a business that wants to expand its service area, start offering white glove transportation options, or aims to appeal to the tourist crowd with famous makes and models, Ford Mustang V8 financing is a must, and TYG Finance has a range of products to help make it a reality.

Fleet Expansion in a Hurry

One of the hardest parts of any acquisition is upfront due diligence. Sourcing vehicles can take hours of employee time and may not result in a final sale. Having a team of experts available to tackle the leg work adds value to any auto transaction handled through TYG Finance. Business operations continue as normal while finance and car experts find the right vehicles, negotiate low prices and set up the financing for Ford Mustang V8s to meet a variety of budgets. It’s an all-in-one-service.

Financing Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses often have a tough time finding low-cost financing, but through TYG Finance there are several options that include packages for businesses and consumers, creating the best of both world options. Financing options include:

  • Leases
  • Commercial Hire Purchases
  • Chattel Mortgages

Consumers buying autos are most familiar with chattel loans that are formatted for the individual market, but businesses have more options when making a purchase. Standard chattel loans use the vehicle value as collateral to secure the loan. New Ford Mustang V8 fleet owners pay in monthly instalments that cover the cost of the financing and the vehicle, all wrapped up into a single payment. With some businesses and purchases, all GST can be claimed upfront as a tax credit, while ongoing maintenance and running costs are also claimable, helping to reduce the costs associated with fleet ownership. This may be particularly valuable for small business owners that dedicate a vehicle to their business operations.

The commercial hire purchase option allows small businesses to obtain a vehicle with lower upfront costs and by amortizing some tax credits over the life of the contract. Using this option, business owners pay the finance company, the owner of the vehicle, for the use of it, often with an option to buy out the finance company’s ownership at the end of the term.

Finance leases lower upfront costs to a minimal level. During the contract period, the finance company retains the title of the vehicle while allowing the business exclusive use. At the end of the term, the business can buy the vehicle for the Residual Value. There is no option to lower the financed amount through the use of a deposit.

Start Expanding with Ford Mustang V8 Finance Options Today

Whether a small business owner needs a single vehicle for operations or provides services that require an entire fleet, TYG Finance offers a variety of options. Find out more about buying a Ford Mustang V8 with finance options customized for each business. Contact us today on 1300 885 806 to start shopping for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.