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Finance a Ford Raptor F-150 truck that offers sleek, sporty styles, lots of interior room and exceptional performance, making it a great choice for customers in Australia. When you’re searching for companies that provide Ford Raptor financing, consider TYG Finance for all your needs. We loan on vehicles up to 25 years old and typically find lower interest rates for you than most banks. Additionally, we can hunt down the car or truck you want for you, saving you both money and time in your quest for the perfect vehicle.

Personal Finance for Ford Raptor Trucks

Get payments that suit your budget when you use TYG Finance to purchase a Ford Raptor. TYG Finance has affordable personal vehicle loan options with fixed interest rates.  Our professional staff walks you through every step of the Ford Raptor finance process, so you always know how much and how long you must pay for the vehicle you ultimately choose. Personal vehicle loans typically run between 5 and 7 years for ample payment flexibility, and we have minimal fees and charges so keep payments low. Additionally, we offer daily reducible interest and have no penalties for early repayment, saving you even more money if you wish to pay your Ford Raptor finance note-off quicker than the original terms.

Ford Raptor Finance for Businesses

Use TYG Finance for Ford Raptor financing or leasing for business vehicles. No matter if you run a small repair shop and need something to transport you and your tools to remote locations or you have a large business that requires multiple vehicles, TYG Finance provides finance options for Ford Raptors that suit your needs.

Commercial hire finance options let us “hire” out the vehicle to you at a stable monthly rate over a set amount of time, and you have the option to purchase the vehicle directly once you pay off the residual balance and interest charges. 

For larger businesses, TYG Finance for Ford Raptors includes options for commercial chattel mortgage loans. These types of loans secure repayment by holding the title of the vehicle until you pay it off, making them a lot like ordinary loans. The main difference between the two loan types is chattel mortgages let businesses claim depreciation and GMT upfront as a tax credit. 

Ford Raptor Finance Options

Rely on TYG Finance for Ford Raptor truck loans and notes on vehicles up to 25 years old. While standard banks usually only loan on vehicles 15 or fewer years old, we extend notes to older cars and trucks and help make your purchase more affordable. In addition to Ford Raptor finance, TYG also aids you in finding the ideal vehicle for you, saving you the legwork. To get started, fill out our online application or call TYG Finance at 1300 885 806.