The demand for Mercedes CLA 45 AMG finance is high, and it makes perfect sense considering the sporty, stylish character and dynamic design of this leading compact sports car. If you’re interested in driving off from the dealer in a luxurious Mercedes, TYG Finance can help you find the right financing plan to suit your lifestyle.

Auto Sourcing Made Simple

There are a lot of places to buy new or pre-owned Mercedes cars, such as the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG and other similar models in its class. But how do you decide on which particular vehicle and dealership to go with? Well, the team at TYG Finance can take care of that for you, sourcing your vehicle and finding the right car for you. It’s one of the ways we simplify the financing and auto buying process.

Minimal Charges on Consumer Loans

Consumer loans customised to fit your needs are your ticket to investing in a personal vehicle like the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. TYG Finance goes above and beyond other finance companies, by allowing you to finance up cars up to 25 years old instead of the 15-year mark most of our competitors offer. Our consumer loans have fixed interest rates, daily reducible interest and no penalty if you want to pay it off faster.

Flexible Finance Leases

In addition to consumer loans, TYG Finance also offers some of the best rates on business finance leases. These loan agreements/contracts between a lender and a business give you exclusive access and use of the vehicle, although the lender retains the legal title. This loan has a residual value at the end of the term, and you can claim GST on repayments and all running costs.

Commercial Hire Purchase

If you plan on using your Mercedes CLA 45 AMG primarily for business purposes, then a commercial hire purchase through TYG Finance may be the right choice. Individuals and businesses can both apply for this financing in which the lender buys the vehicle and subsequently ‘hires’ the car to the company for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period. Comprehensive insurance is required, but then you can enjoy benefits like using a deposit to reduce the amount borrowed and claiming GST and running costs with an optional residual value.

Competitive Chattel Mortgage

Another option for buying a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG for business is a chattel mortgage, which is a commercial loan agreement where the lender loans money to a company to purchase a vehicle (chattel). The loan is secured with a mortgage over the vehicle and the requirement of comprehensive insurance. There are several benefits with a chattel mortgage, as GST is claimed upfront as a tax input credit and depreciation is maintained on the vehicle over the mortgage term.

If you’ve got your sights set on a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG or a similar vehicle, TYG Finance can get you the best rates, even cheaper than the banks, and flexible repayment options. It’s easy to get started, just submit your online application today or contact us with any questions. You can expect to hear from us very soon.