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Toyota Hiace Commuter

If you are in the market for a large-capacity, reliable people-mover such as the Toyota HiAce Commuter on finance, TYG Finance exists to help you access better rates for commercial loans and business loans compared to the big banks. With years of industry experience, friendly service, and a dedicated support team, we work with you to find the best finance for Toyota HiAce Commuter vans with our vast network of lenders and financing companies around Australia. Experience the TYG Finance difference through our core values – commitment, collaboration and credibility – ensuring the customer is our top priority and making the Toyota HiAce Commuter Finance experience easy, flexible and tailored to suit you, your business, and your financing goals. Connect with the team at TYG Finance today on 1300 885 806 for an obligation-free, cost-free quote.

TYG Finance takes pride in its end-to-end vehicle sourcing services, getting you behind the wheel of your Toyota HiAce Commuter quicker and with less hassle compared to other overcomplicated financing options. Let us do the legwork and source the vehicle from our selected network of vehicle dealerships ensuring you get the right price without the back-and-forth. Our complete Toyota HiAce Commuter finance solutions allow us to take care of everything, from sourcing the vehicle, finding the best finance deal, and insurance for the vehicle to protect your new asset – perfect for busy business owners.

Our unique position in the market allows us to finance Toyota HiAce Commuter vans and other commercial vehicles or equipment up to 25 years’ old (compared to the 15-year-old limit for most larger lenders and other brokers). We understand every business is unique and may not want or need a brand new Toyota HiAce Commuter on finance. As one of Australia’s favourite and most trusted finance business specialists for commercial, luxury, European, and high-end Japanese vehicles, we find the right financing options to suit your situation.

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About the Toyota HiAce Commuter

The Japanese manufacturer’s reputation for reliability and practicality shines through clearly in the Toyota HiAce Commuter range. The Toyota HiAce is the gold-standard workhorse for many small businesses, as well as the private transport industry. With a history dating back to the 1960s for the first generation of compact Toyota HiAce vans, the range has grown to include super-long wheelbase (SLWB) models such as the Toyota Hiace Commuter to cater to the light-bus market for the transport of people, rather than commercial cargo.

In Australia, the Toyota HiAce Commuter accounted for 90% of “light bus” sales (up to 20 seats) over the last decade. Available in two specifications, standard and the higher-grade “GL” trim featuring an RRP of over $70,000, purchasing a Toyota HiAce Commuter on finance is a popular option for many businesses seeking tax benefits. Seating twelve people including the driver, the 2.8L turbo-diesel engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission is capable of delivering a 1080kg total from point A to B with ease.

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