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Toyota Landcruiser VX

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Don’t want a brand new Finance for Toyota Landcruiser VX and still see the value in its reputation as tough and reliable on the job site as well as out on an adventure? We understand that not all individuals and small businesses need or want the costs involved when buying a brand-new Toyota Landcruiser VX on finance, speak with one of expert Toyota Landcruiser VX Finance team members today on 1300 885 806 to get the right deal for you on vehicles up to 25 years’ old.

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About the Toyota Landcruiser VX

Described by its renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer as “Premium, re-defined“, the Toyota Landcruiser VX is the deluxe model of the LandCruiser 200 range of SUV from Toyota – only second from the top-seated Toyota Landcruiser Sahara. With its history dating back to 1951, the Toyota Landcruiser VX is part of a lineage based on enduring toughness, reliability and outdoor adventure. It’s no surprise the Toyota Land Cruiser has been dubbed “The King of the Road” by its manufacturer and loyal customer base, around Australia and the world.

With an Australian RRP of just over $100,000, contact us to get a tailored quote for your individual needs and business circumstances. Enquire now and save on better rates and better loan terms today on your new or used Toyota Landcruiser VX finance package with TYG Finance on 1300 885 806. Submit an obligation-free, cost-free quote online through our Online Application Form.