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Toyota Prado Landcruiser GX

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More about the Toyota Prado Landcruiser GX

Known for its durability and toughness, the Toyota Prado Landcruiser GX has become a mainstay in parking lots at the shops as much as campsites all around Australia. With a Recommended Retail Price of AU$54,090 plus on-road costs, the 2020 model of the Toyota Prado Land Cruiser GX features a new 2.8L Turbo-Diesel Engine 4 cylinder engine. The Prado is a popular all-purpose 4WD vehicle, which seems to carry even more desire among suburban families in today’s world looking for adventure as it does compared to the original target market of the typical outdoor explorer of yesteryear. With towing capacities listed as 750kg (unbraked) and 3000kg (braked) derived from 450Nm of torque, the Prado LandCruiser GX is an entry-level 4WD for the family or for the outdoor adventurer that tackles everything you throw at it with relative ease.