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Funding heavy equipment is heavy lifting for any business. That is why earthmoving finance from TYG Finance is your best bet when it comes to buying or leasing earthmoving equipment.

When you need to purchase or lease heavy machinery, you need some help, and sometimes a lot of it. At TYG Finance, we understand this. We bring you the most comprehensive heavy machinery financing deals in Australia.

Heavy Vehicle Finance

Just landed a major contract and lack the equipment for it? No pressure, let TYG Finance do all the heavy lifting. We get you the capital you need to buy earthmovers, heavy trucks, cranes, and other heavy equipment.

For temporary uses, you can always rely on our heavy equipment leasing service to get you out of a fix. We always deliver, so that you can. 

Comprehensive Heavy Machinery Financing

We understand that you need to get the job done, but the heavy vehicles and machinery needed are very expensive. Our extended heavy machinery finance packages are tailored to give you the breathing room you need to concentrate on your work.

Even if you are farming and want to upgrade your heavy farm equipment for increased production, TYG Finance has your covered. Don’t know where to start? Get in touch with our representatives. We will even help you get amazing deals on new and used earthmoving machinery.

Earthmoving Finance Made Easy

TYG Finance has decades of combined experience in financing heavy vehicles and equipment of all kinds. Our professional team of experts have what it takes to deal in a heavy-duty financing industry.

We make the work easier for you, so that you can keep your focus on making money and delivering earthmoving results. 

Need to hire or buy earthmoving equipment? Apply for your heavy equipment financing today.


How can I get a loan for heavy equipment?

You can get heavy equipment financing from banks and many other credit institutions. However, specialised equipment financiers like TYG Finance have a range of lenders they can use to meet your unique needs.

How long can you finance heavy equipment?

This depends on the type of equipment and its expected service life, but it generally lasts from 3 to 7 or more years if required.

How does equipment financing work?

Equipment financing helps you get the equipment you need for your business. The financier pays the cost of the equipment upfront and maintains a lien on it until you finish repaying the loan.

Who needs equipment financing?

Every business and individual who needs to buy or lease equipment needs equipment financing. The huge price tags involved can drain your cash reserves, but the financing helps to make it manageable.

What is the interest rate on equipment loans?

Depending on how long you have been in business and what your credit score looks like, your interest rates can be anything from 2% to over 15%.

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