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Equipment financing, also called business equipment financing, is there to help you grow. As a sole trader or small business, you don’t need to commit large figures in cash for expensive equipment purchases and leases.

TYG Finance makes it even easier for you. With comprehensive equipment and asset financing packages and immense financial flexibility, we are the right option for you. We are the premier equipment finance broker in Australia with years of experience in equipment and vehicle finance.

No matter what industry you are in, it is our commitment to see you grow. Our dedication to personalised, collaborative business relationships is our biggest asset.

Agricultural Finance

TYG Finance has agricultural equipment financing options for farmers. These include tractor finance deals in Australia. We even have used farm tractor and trucking equipment finance options to cater for farmers everywhere. 

Give Your Business Wings

Whether you’re a baker who needs an oven to make delicious art, a farmer exploring new technology to increase production, or a high-end IT firm looking to update infrastructure – TYG Finance makes it a priority to deal with people, not figures. 

To us, you are a partner, and we want you to fly high in your business niche. Talk to us about your unique circumstances, and let us give you unbeatable equipment and asset finance deals.

We have agricultural and rural finance packages tailored to fit the sporadic income streams and unique risks encountered by farmers. If you are looking for tractor financing, you are in the right place.

Financing Small Businesses

At TYG, we have capital equipment financing to give you the push you need to go big. If you want to start or expand your gym, we have a package for commercial fitness equipment financing.

We have the best equipment finance to get you on your feet. If you are already running, let us help you grow! Apply for TYG equipment finance for business. Once pre-approved, you are guaranteed equipment financing.


What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance is a type of business loan given to companies or individuals to help them purchase or lease equipment, which itself acts as its own security.

How can I finance my heavy equipment?

A long term equipment loan is the best way to finance your heavy equipment. Due to the large sums involved, you can get very attractive interest rates and repayment options.

How can I finance farm equipment?

You can get a secured farm equipment financing package with extremely favourable terms. Since tractors are expected to last for many years, you can even get tractor finance deals spanning ten years.

What is an asset finance loan?

This is a business or personal loan given to help you purchase high-value assets such as machines and vehicles.

What is asset-based financing?

This is the use of business or personal assets as collateral to get loans. 

If you would like to learn more about TYG equipment financing, contact us here or see more FAQs.

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