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TYG Finance offers you the best low rate finance options in Australia today. Get the lowest finance rates from 3.19% with TYG Finance.

TYG Finance offers you the best low rate finance options in Australia today. Get the lowest finance rates from 3.19% with TYG Finance.

With low rate finance on new and used cars, our flexible secured car loan finance options allow you to work out repayments that suit your budget.

New Car Financing

Buying a new car is always an exciting time, that is why getting new cars on finance makes such good financial sense. TYG Finance will tailor a loan to suit your budget and make the whole process as simple as possible for you.

Used Car Financing

Whether you are purchasing a used car from a dealer or a buying service, second hand car finance is a great option. The approval process is efficient because the car is in stock. TYG Finance can have your loan approved on the same day. Financing a car has never been easier.


Business Car Finance

Buying new cars for your business shouldn’t affect your cash reserves. Commercial financing options allow your business to make repayments with low interest rates whilst maximising your tax deductions. When the loan comes to end, simply trade in the vehicle and purchase another.


Secured Loans

If you want a car for personal utility or pleasure, secured car loans assist you in getting your dream car affordably and easily. Talk to our lending specialists at TYG Finance, we are the experts in all your financing needs and will get you the best low rate car finance deals in Australia. We pride ourselves in our close collaboration with our clients and partners.


TYG Finance offers you the best truck loans in Australia today.

TYG Finance offers a easy, quick and credit-check free (have to do checks) way to apply for a truck loan. Whether you’re on the lookout for trusted, reliable semi-truck financing companies or quick pick-up truck finance for your trucking business – we help everyday businesses and Australians of all sizes, regardless of their credit history, find the best low rate truck loan. We have an understanding of the new and used truck market to ensure you get the best truck finance deal available through our network of major and boutique finance partners. Contact the expert truck finance team at TYG Finance today.


Get the lowest rate boat finance with TYG Finance.

Looking for the best boat loan finance deals online to buy your dream boat? TYG Finance has access to a wide range of leading and top-rated marine finance lenders and partners in Australia. We compare the best boat loan rates and options for you and lock-in the top loan deals for your next leisure craft. Discover how the professional, top-rated team at TYG Finance can help you with marine finance loans today.

Whether your next pleasure craft adventure is boating through Darling Harbour to The Whitsundays or to explore Australia’s favourite waterways, TYG Finance offers the best  boat loans to our customers Australia-wide. TYG Finance can assist you in achieving your fishing, cruising, diving and sun baking boating dreams with the best boat financing deals online for your new yacht, catamaran, jet ski, speedboat, dingy and any leisure craft in-between.

TYG Finance is one of Australia’s favourite marine finance specialists for simple boat finance and marine loans online. Discover the best boat loans online and best boat financing today to get you out on the water and into your dream marine machine. We offer an easy and quick application process, with  ‘zero financials’ (we need fins on boats) needed to get the best boat financing rate online from lenders all around Australia at the click of a button. Call us to set sail as soon as possible and speak with our friendly and experienced marine finance team for an obligation-free quote.


With TYG Finance fleet financing, you can minimise all of your running costs and get the most out of your cash flow.

When purchasing or leasing vehicles for your company, you need economical and flexible financing options that fit in with your business needs.

At TYG Finance, you can rely on experts to help you get reliable financing and leasing options that are cost-effective and easy.

Fleet Finance Options That Fit With Any Type of Business.

We offer a wide range of customized fleet car finance and truck fleet financing tailored to different businesses. With flexibility, low rates, and maximising cash flow, you can accommodate your vehicles’ extended and efficient use.

During the lifetime of your vehicle, costs are evenly spread out. This gives your business more operating capital and credit to use for other aspects of your business. We give you dedicated consultants that will help you with lifecycle cost, replacement analysis, and vehicle section.

Our goal is to give you a solution with the lowest total ownership costs. We are proactive with strategic consulting and offer a variety of financing options – everything you need.


Receive the best Chattel Mortgage rates with TYG Finance.

Chattel mortgages are business loans mostly used for purchasing vehicles or equipment. At TYG Finance, we offer you the best chattel mortgage rates in Australia. But before you make your chattel mortgage purchase, it’s essential to understand this type of loan, how it works, and its benefits. Learn more about chattel mortgage here.


Earthmoving Finance from TYG Finance is your best bet when it comes to buying or leasing earthmoving equipment.

Funding heavy equipment is heavy lifting for any business. When you need to purchase or lease heavy machinery, you need some help, and sometimes a lot of it. At TYG Finance, we understand this. We bring you the most comprehensive heavy machinery financing deals in Australia.


Receive low rate equipment financing from TYG Finance.

Equipment financing, also called business equipment financing, is there to help you grow. As a sole trader or small business, you don’t need to commit large figures in cash for expensive equipment purchases and leases.

TYG Finance makes it even easier for you. With comprehensive equipment and asset financing packages and immense financial flexibility, we are the right option for you. We are the premier equipment finance broker in Australia with years of experience in equipment and vehicle finance.

No matter what industry you are in, it is our commitment to see you grow. Our dedication to personalised, collaborative business relationships is our biggest asset.


Contact the friendly team at TYG Finance today for finance within 48 hours, access to the best rates and our trusted client base. Fill out our online application form here.

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