Car Finance

It has never been easier to own a car than it is today. TYG offers cheap car loans and you can afford to buy your dream car with a far lower budget than you think, and it’s all because of the experts at TYG Finance.

TYG Finance brings you the best car loans in Australia today. With incredible car finance deals on new and used cars, our flexible secured car loan finance options allow you to work out a deal that suits your unique situation.

New Car Financing

Even when you can afford it, buying a new car is always a big strain on your finances. That is why getting new cars on finance makes such good financial sense. You can stretch out your payments at friendly rates so that your free to focus on other important things in life.

New car finance deals tend to be more friendly because the car is reasonably expected to last much longer, has fair insurance terms, and you can usually get a good deal with a dealership.

Used Car Financing

Whether you are buying a used car from a buying service or a dealer, second hand car finance is a great option. The approval process is quick because the car is in stock, TYG Finance can have your loan approved on the same day. Financing a car has never been easier

Business Car Finance

Buying new cars for your business shouldn’t affect your cash reserves, which can be a potential problem in the future. Instead, go for business car financing which allows make your repayments with lowest interest rates whilst maximising your tax deductions. When the loan comes to end simply trade in the vehicle and buy another.

Secured Loans

If you want a car for pleasure or personal utility, personal car loans help you to get your dream car easily and affordably. If it’s a pre-owned car you are looking talk to our lending specialists at TYG Finance we are the experts in all your financing needs and will get you the best car finance deals in Australia.

At TYG Finance, we are experts in car and equipment financing packages. We offer a full range including secured car loans, and leasing options. For businesses, talk to us about chattel mortgages, hire purchase, finance leases, among others.

We pride ourselves in our close collaboration with our partners and clients. If you already know what car loan financing package you want, apply here for online car finance pre-approval Australia wide.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs below or contact us for more information.


How can I get a car loan?

It is incredibly easy to get a car loan. All you need is a relatively good credit score, a source of income, and the documents to prove your identity and residence.

What is a secured car loan?

A secured car loan has a collateral as security for the loan. Typically, it is the car itself, although it can be other assets as well.

How can I refinance a car loan?

If you feel your car’s interest rates or monthly repayments are not competitive, it is best to get a better deal on car refinancing. Speak to the experts at TYG Finance for assistance.

Can you sell a car on finance?

Yes, you can sell a car on finance, but you would have to legally inform the buyer and the bank financing the car beforehand.

Are car loans secured or unsecured?

They can be either. Usually, they are secured with the car being its own security.